By Ken McEntee (reprinted by permission of Mimi Vanderhaven)

If you trust cold water to clean your dishes, then you’ll probably be satisfied with a car wash that will do the same for your car. But if you’re one of those people who insist on steaming hot water for your cleaning, you might want to take your vehicle to Strongsville Superwash.

“Too many car washes are cutting corners by using cold water, hard water, and detergents that foam up and look impressive, but don’t really clean very well,” owner Ed Loos says. “We’re the only touchless car wash in the city that uses all three: hot soap, hot water, and water that is fresh, not recycled.”

“Hard water needs to be softened in order to be most effective for cleaning,” Ed explains.. “As soon as soap hits hard water it stops working. We aim for zero harness, which makes the soap 100% effective. In a touchless wash, you are relying completely on your soap and water because there are no brushes.”

Strongsville Superwash uses 120 degree water heated in a brand new, high efficiency, super capacity boiler. It is surrounded by softeners and filters that remove calcium and other minerals, which can cause spotting. The final spot free rinse is comprised of reverse osmosis water with zero Toal Dissolved Solids. It ensures that the final rinse is crystal clear.

“We use cleaning detergents that were custom formulated for us,” Ed says. “A lot of the car washes are using the cheapest chemicals that will put foam on cars. Foam looks cool when it’s sprayed all over your car, but it doesn’t get it clean.”

While many car washes charge extra for drying and an undercarriage wash, both are included on all washes at Strongsville Superwash.

Strongsville Superwash offers four washes, ranging from $9 to $13. They all begin with a high pressure water blast from the Gatling Gunners that contain eight rotating oscillating nozzles reminiscent of the old-time rotating machine guns.

Options include wheel cleaner, real Carnauba wax (not synthetic alternatives), Armor All Body Shield, and Armor All clear coat protectant.

“Real Carnauba wax brings out the shine of the paint, and Armor All Body Shield enhances and seals it,” Ed says. “Armor All is a premier product that was designed to repel water and keep cars looking cleaner, longer.”

Strongsville Superwash is located at 16860 Royalton Road (Route 82), in Strongsville, across from the mall, just behind Panera Bread. For more information, visit